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Last updated on June 18, 2021
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  • If you are confused about the food you consume for your severe health-related reasons or feeling uncomfortable, we highly suggest you consult a trusted medical professional regarding this.

    There is no greater joy than the joy of being pregnant. You are making a tiny version of yourself from scratch. I felt mighty powerful while I was carrying my child. The thought of growing a human who could grow up and may end up doing wonders for the world was powerful. I felt I owed it to the child to try my best for him. 

    List Of Pregnancy Super Foods

    A good part of one’s pregnancy journey includes food, the right kind of food. You are supposed to eat for your growth and the development of the little one. Pregnancy can be an excellent excuse for a lifestyle change. I have seen couples undergo drastic changes during their pregnancy journey. You must all be familiar with the irresponsible boy who suddenly becomes responsible after becoming a father. This shift happens as expectant parents understand the value of a healthy change, but dont find a reason strong enough to break the chain. There is no reason more potent than the dependence of a new life. 

    I had started preparing my meals only after we found out about my pregnancy. And we have been cooking at home since, more because it’s cheaper, healthier and tastier. 

    So What Are Superfoods

    There is Good, there is bad, and then there is ugly. Similarly, some foods keep you healthy in foods, some do not make an impact, and some make things worse. The trick during pregnancy is to eat primarily good foods. 

    Your body has been processing food for a while now, but the fetuses are not. Anyway, how do we classify if food falls in the good, bad, or ugly category? The answer is to check its nutrients and how naturally fresh it is. Good nutrition makes you feel better inside and out and makes a permanent impact on the fetus. 

    Understand that your body will take what it needs from you to make that little child. And this will leave you feeling irritated and weak. Your body is prioritizing growing that fetus dependent on you. The wiser choice is to provide it with enough nutrients so that it supports both of you. 

    How To Use This List Effectively? 

    Did anyone tell you pregnancy is complicated? Oh wait, I did, in my previous blogs! It’s hard because it takes a toll on you physically and mentally. You are planning multiple things simultaneously. Your hormones are all over the place now, and no one seems to understand what you are growing through. You are dealing with morning sickness and trying your best to avoid eating junk round the clock. And amidst all this, someone tells you to plan a diet? It seems like a luxury that only celebrities can afford. However, the trick lies in planning; and planning once and for all. 

    Make a printout of this list and keep it in your kitchen where you can see it regularly. Ensure that you include one item or multiple items in each meal of the day. It will ensure that you are not left to meal planning and strategizing. But you will end up eating a good amount of nutritional foods. Eventually, you will be fulfilling all your dietary goals while also eating exciting food. 

    List Of 9 Pregnancy Superfoods That Will Help You Sail Through Your Pregnancy!


    Health Benefits Of Eating Egg Yolk

    You must already be eating eggs since childhood as their benefits are an open secret. Our mothers have depended on the versatility of this superfood, and now it’s our turn. Eggs are rich in protein and also contain a good amount of folate and other nutrients. You can have eggs anytime during the day and in absolutely any form. I loved a plain egg drop soup with some miso paste. It was light on my stomach and filled with so much goodness. 

    Why it’s good for your pregnancy: Eggs contain this super ingredient called choline, unknown to most of us. Choline is known to help in the baby’s brain and spinal cord development. It would help if you were eating the whole egg to reap its maximum benefits. 

    Sweet Potatoes

    Health Benefits Of Eating Sweet Potato

    These are probably some of the most underrated Indian vegetables. It is bursting with irons, vitamins, carbs, and so much more. 

    Why it’s good for your pregnancy: However, the cherry topping is its beta-carotene content. Your body converts it to Vitamin A, which helps develop the baby’s bones, eyes, and skin growth. These orange beauties also contain copper, which helps your body absorb the required amount of iron. I loved making a tangy sweet potato and pomegranate salad in the evenings. You can also have them toasted, boiled, or just steamed. 

    Nuts (Of All Kinds)

    Assorted Nuts

    Nuts are handy and a literal powerhouse of all things good. Nuts are packed with omega-3s, proteins, fibers, and vitamins too. These are a good source of healthy fat too. I had stacked a nut mix with some candied ginger in different jars all around the house. It encouraged me to eat healthily and not grab the next packet of chips. 

    Why it’s good for your pregnancy: Nuts are rich in magnesium. Interestingly, magnesium-rich foods are famous because they help in avoiding premature deliveries. It helps in the baby’s nervous system development too. Make a mix of cashews, pistachios, almonds, and walnuts, and store in cute mason jars in your convenient locations. 

    Lentils, Legumes, And Beans (Of All Kinds)

    Health Benefits Of Eating Legumes

    Beans and lentils can provide nutrients that meats boast of. They are packed with prenatal proteins, iron, vitamins, and good fats. Beans and lentils are a versatile food group too. Baked beans are known to be a powerhouse of zinc. 

    Why it’s good for your pregnancy: Zinc in these animal-based proteins is known to reduce the risk of preterm delivery. 


    Health Benefits Of Eating Orange

    Oranges are a juicy little burst of sweet goodness. I think of frozen oranges as a treat; their nutritional benefits came in as a cherry topping later. Oranges are filled up with folate, minerals, and lots of vitamins. 

    Why it’s good for your pregnancy: Orange juice is filled with folic acid, which helps prevent specific congenital disabilities during early pregnancy. It also contains potassium which aids in muscle function and overall metabolism. Potassium works towards amping up the pregnant mothers expanding blood volume. Vitamin C helps in keeping up the immunity of pregnant women. The fiber in oranges helps in keeping constipation at bay. 

    It’s a wonder that something as tasty and cheap as orange is such a potent superfood. 

    Yogurt or Curd

    Health Benefits Of Eating Yogurt

    Yogurt is another must in a pregnant woman’s diet. It is readily available and also soothing to a pregnant woman’s palate. Yogurt has slightly more calcium than plain milk. It also contains iron, proteins, and gut-friendly bacteria. 

    Why it’s good for your pregnancy: Calcium plays a vital role in keeping your teeth and bones strong. It also takes care of the fetus’s bones and teeth development. If you do not intake your daily calcium requirement, your body will prioritize helping the growing fetus. This leaves your body craving calcium and will lead to osteoporosis. You can also choose to eat greek yogurt, which has double the amount of proteins. I used yogurt to make garlicky dips to go with baked sweet potato fries. 

    Fortified Oatmeal

    Health Benefits Of Eating Oats And Oatmeal

    Oatmeals are versatile and fill you up for a long. I used to eat oatmeal on some days as a substitute for rice. You can also use oatmeal powder to make pancakes and muffins. They aren’t as tasty as white flour but do wonders to your body and stomach instantly. 

    Why it’s good for your pregnancy: It’s essential to keep feeding yourself at regular intervals during pregnancy to keep your energy levels high. One good way to go about it is by eating fulfilling meals at regular intervals. It’s also crucial that you do not gorge on empty calories. Oatmeals contain fibers in abundance, vitamins, and proteins. The fiber helps in keeping constipation at bay; the proteins aid in the fetus’s growth.

    Leafy Greens

    Health Benefits Of Eating Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

    Ahh, the charm these beauties carry is beyond comparison. Leafy green vegetables are filled with antioxidants. Each of them has some of the other nutrients that aids in the fetus’s overall growth. 

    Why it’s good for your pregnancy: Not only are these beauties filled with antioxidants, but they also carry calcium, potassium, folate, and other crucial minerals and vitamins. 

    Fish Rich With Omega 3-S Fatty Acids

    Health Benefits Of Salmon

    Fish that are high on mercury are a strict no-no. Fish can be a part of your diet once or twice a week. Make sure you are not deep frying the fish to ensure maximum nutritional benefits. You can also have baked Salmon with a side of green vegetables. It makes for a very fulfilling meal.  

    Why it’s good for your pregnancy: The DHA and EPA present in Omega 3 fatty acids boost the baby’s brain development. Higher IQs, better motor abilities, and cognitive abilities have been seen in babies with better DHA and EPA in their systems. Protein in fish is also helpful for the carrying mother. 

    Giving a powerful ending to the consumption of superfoods during pregnancy.

    Ensure that you do not overdo one specific type of superfood. You need to understand the value of balance. Your body and the fetus need a little bit of every food group to complete its actual need. Also, remember that immaterial things are super only when you do not let them overpower you. It’s funny how the general rules of life fall into place so aptly here!

    If you are confused about the food you consume for your severe health-related reasons or feeling uncomfortable, we highly suggest you consult a trusted medical professional regarding this.
    Last updated on June 18, 2021

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