Dope Coffee Roasters: A Freshly Roasted Cup of Coffee ☕

Last updated on November 14, 2019
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    India runs on Chai. Need a break – let’s have tea, it’s pouring outside – let’s have tea and pakodas, smoke break – chai and sutta. Tea is such a popular beverage in our country; it could be our national drink. In contrast, coffee is not as popular as tea. Although the coffee craze gained a boosting momentum with CCD & Starbucks, it is now slowly building on creating a community of its own. India is the 6th greatest coffee producer in the world, and the Southern region grows some amazing coffee. This means that we’re never gonna run out of coffee and with third-wave roasting becoming the new fad, the coffee culture is exploding. People are constantly looking for more variety in coffee for their caffeine fix. Let’s catch up over coffee is becoming a thing. 

    Dope Coffee Roasters (Review) ☕

    Dope Coffee Roasters Review

    Who doesn’t love a freshly roasted cup of coffee? With plenty of cafes jumping the third wave bandwagon, One Café that stands out with all its freshly roasted coffee is “Dope Coffee Roasters.” Earlier known as Dope Coffee Roasted Today, they went back to the drawing board and now present themselves as “Dope Coffee Roasters.” It is not just the change in name but their acceptance of a completely new approach to coffee that has them shining in the limelight. They have stepped up their game by making coffee in innovative ways, the next-level coffee.

    Their USP is serving freshly roasted coffee, a process that is carefully studied with a promise of the crop to cup that tastes delicious. “Life is too short to drink bad coffee!” a mantra they live by. They assure to serve fresh coffee, in every cup, that they brew with love and care. The co-founder & CEO, Rizwan Amlani, is also a trained Chef from New York’s culinary institute. His sole mission with Dope Coffee is to get coffee the recognition it deserves; a spot on the Indian beverage ranks. His beliefs are backed by serving crop-to-cup coffee sourced from Indian and international plantations. 

    Dope Cafe At Versova Socials

    Dope Coffee Roasters is located at Flea bazaar café, Versova, Todi Mills, and Carter Road Social. The coffee beans at every outlet are roasted daily. At Versova Socials, they have as tiny as 500 gm coffee micro roaster whereas they house a larger roaster inside Todi Mills Social, Lower Parel. 

    At Versova social, the place looks like a laboratory where the Barista makes each cup with precise and accurate measures with an eye for detail. The place is not very large; its blue walls and small twin tables give it a vibrant feel. The café shares the space with Social so you can enjoy the delicious grub to go along with your coffee. Dope Coffee Roasters hail to tantalize their sophisticated customers. And it’s not just about espressos and flat whites here but coffee styles like cold brew, pour-over, siphon, cold-drip, and more. Sounds more like a coffee sci-fi lab, doesn’t it?

    Dope Coffee Roasters

    Dope Coffee Roasters features eight domestic, four international and one decaf coffee on their menu. These include International plantations like Colombian Supremo, Ethiopian, Kenyan AA Plus and Indian plantations such as Gungegiri Estate in Chikmaglur and Swarnagiri Estate in Coorg among others. The coffee is sourced from farmers directly. You can find the plantation names on the menu that reflect their intent to be transparent about their Coffee sourcing. In a candid conversation, when asked about the name Dope, Rizwan quotes “Dope, cause it’s the good stuff.”

    Chalking down some words about the coffee we tried at Dope Coffee Roasters and loved: 

    Single Origin coffee at Dope Coffee Roasters: Its that feeling of sipping on a cup of coffee knowing exactly which region it was sourced from (Single Origin). And if it can be traced back to the estate it was bought from then you are sipping on a “Single Estate.

    Monsooned Malabar AAA: A domestic single-origin coffee exuding Nutty & spice aromas, this one possesses very earthy and mellow tones. These beans have been exposed to the monsoon air to attain a bolder character giving a calming and musty flavor in each sip.

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    Mysore Nuggets: Only a minor % of India’s top-rated beans are large enough to be classified as Mysore Nuggets. A domestic single-origin coffee too, it has the powerful aromas of honey and lemon and tastes like cornflakes, butterscotch, and caramel. 

    International Single Origin features Colombian Supremo with tasting notes of walnuts and pomegranates with a wafting aroma of Balsamic and Cedar. 

    Apart from the serious coffee contenders, you can choose from a range of other exotic variants too.

    Cold Brew: Cold brew, the new rage, is worlds apart from Iced Coffee. The coffee is steeped in either cold water or room temperature water for several hours, depending on the desired taste, and the resultant concoction served with ice. It tastes smooth and is also sold in a glass bottle that you can even take back home. 

    Hand-Pulled Nitro: It is similar to Cold brew but amped with an infusion of hand-pulled nitrogen. It’s bubbly and creamy and makes for a great caffeine fix to kickstart your day. At first, it seems like a glass of beer, but its just a frosty coffee.

    Coffee Lemonade: Coffee on the rocks with a splash of lemon? Yes, please! It’s strong, bold and will help you get through the day. This one is not for the faint-hearted. The boldness of coffee and the citrusy punch of lemon is simply too good to describe. Grab a glass and you are sorted for hours.

    Dope Coffee Roasters Coffee Lemonade
    Coffee Lemonade

    With countrywide shipping available, Dope Coffee Roasters gets you freshly roasted coffee at your doorstep. They even sell coffee making equipment, so you can even make your own cup of brew from your home itself. Aeropress, French Press, Kettles, grinders and other equipment are on sale here.

    From single-origin to specialty, International blends to limited editions, Dope coffee roasters are digging deep to bring the best coffee to their customers for a grand experience.

    Dope Coffee Roasters Freshly Brewed Coffee

    And we agree the coffee here is pretty Dope! Have you tried it yet?

    Last updated on November 14, 2019
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