Want to Make the Viral Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee)?

Last updated on April 30, 2020
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    Dalgona coffee became an exciting trend to go viral. You have possibly seen the videos and pictures of people on social media with Dalgona coffee getting plenty of buzzes. Also called an instant coffee that will keep you energized all day. Making this whipped coffee does not require any unique mechanics. So get ready to use some arm muscle and have some patience if you want to enjoy this velvety smooth coffee. 

    Dalgona Coffee is not just a buzz trend in India, but it was also a big trend in Korea. During this Coronavirus epidemic and world in quarantine, I was scrolling my TikTok and came across many videos of people making this coffee. When you watch so many people doing the same thing, there is an urge to find the origin. Then I came to know that a TikTok user @iamhannanacho shared the recipe on 10th March. The video took quickly over social media. As it is easy to make and require only a few ingredients, it is not much hard to come up with a Dalgona coffee video on the internet. After trending on TikTok, people started posting pictures and videos, making Dalgona on Instagram and Facebook. And here it is, a popular and favorite viral quarantine recipe of coffee. 

    How to Make Dalgona Coffee? (Recipe)

    Dalgona Coffee Sugar Coffee Powder

    Making Dalgona requires instant coffee, sugar, and milk. If you don’t have instant coffee, you can turn the regular coffee into instant coffee at home. I made my cold Dalgona coffee with instant coffee. Let’s get into the recipe! Take one tablespoon of instant coffee, two tablespoons of sugar in a bowl, now add two tablespoons of normal water or boiling water in it. Now start creating magic by whipping/whisking it. Using sugar granules will take less time to make foam. I have to say that making it with powdered sugar will definitely let your arm muscles throb if you are not using a hand grinder. 

    Dalgona Coffee Preparing

    It will take you about 5 to 10 minutes to whip the mixture. You can see the color of coffee getting light as you beat. With time the foam consistency with a start increasing. If you are a vegan, then make use of any vegan milk such as oat milk, cashew milk, almond milk, or any other. The two impressive facts about Dalgona coffee came in trend saying: first, say, you can make it using vegan milk, and the second says; Dalgona coffee without sugar. Both are true, and many people have come up with videos doing so. 

    How To Prepare Dalgona Coffee

    So now, when you have made the whipped part. (Stop beating the coffee when you get the preferred consistency.) Take a glass or cup of milk or vegan milk as per your choice. 

    For an iced coffee, into the glass few cubes or crushed ice. Now put a scoop of your handmade whipped coffee on the top. The viral Dalgona coffee is all ready for you to take pictures and post on your social media. To sip it, stir the form into the milk and mix it well. Use straw or spoon to stir it and mix it.

    If you want to drink hot coffee, then you can take warm milk, and if you’re going to drink cold coffee, then you can go for a cold Dalgona coffee.

    Dalgona Coffee Challenge

    The very first time when I was trying handmade whipped coffee at home, I had no idea of consistency. I have now tried making this coffee a couple of times, and you will succeed if you follow the instructions precisely. Avoid using powdered sugar as it will take more time to create foam. I took powdered sugar for the very first try, and in the first 10 minutes, I was Jack of all trades. I tried beating it, using a hand blender, and shaking it. Nothing worked. 

    The best way is to take regular sugar granules and whip. The granules will help to convert it in foam. The first 10 minutes also gave me second thoughts about this Dalgona foam is a myth and only for social buzzes. But the truth is, once you are ready with glass, you can experience the velvety smooth texture, which is not similar to regular coffee. You can use your tweaks with the simple recipe. People are even using vanilla syrup, honey, maple syrup instead of sugar. It is a simple enough recipe that can make your day start well. If you have not taken a sip of Dalgona yet, then make one today as it is the latest drink capturing the internet’s attention.

    Want How To Make The Viral Dalgona Coffee Whipped Coffee

    I am now addicted to this dreamy texture of whipped coffee. Only three simple ingredients are enough to make dreamy Dalgona whip at home, but not having an electric mixer might take a bit longer than regular to achieve the whip. There are plenty of techniques to get the fleecy composition of the coffee, so give them a try if you’re craving the viral sip. Top it with some whipped cream or chocolate syrup for a flavor.


    • One tablespoon instant coffee
    • Two tablespoons granulated sugar 
    • Two tablespoons boiling/normal water
    • 1 cup milk of choice 

    Can I refrigerate the Dalgona froth? 

    Yes. You can refrigerate it for a few days. It will probably begin to become thin, but with approx 30 seconds whipping, it gets back with the same consistency.

    My foam is not the right consistency. Should I flutter longer? 

    Yes, if you have put the right ingredients. With arm power, it takes about three times as long as in the mixer/blender. Sometimes fluttering longer helps. If there’s no change in 2-3 minutes of beating, there’s seemingly something amiss.

    Can I make a hot coffee instead of cold? 

    Of course! Use warm milk and then top it with Daglona foam. It’s your coffee, your choice.

    Last updated on April 30, 2020
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